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Racing Transmission Repair in Portland OR at Marty's TransmissionsAnytime a driver gets behind the wheel to race, they are risking their lives. If a part of an engine or transmission fails at high speeds, a life can easily be lost. Having a racing transmission that is well cared for is vital for proper performance on the racetrack. It’s easy for an amateur technician to make a miscalculation on repairs which is incredibly dangerous for the driver. Marty’s Transmissions is highly experienced in working on racing vehicles and will ensure that you stay safe out on the track.

Racing Transmission Mechanics

Racing teams understand how precious time is during a race. Winners can often be determined by fractions of a second. Having a skilled team to back you in the pits and in the shop can save you time. Hiring a reliable transmission shop can make an incredible difference in performance on the track. The durability of your engine and transmission is consequential to power and speed. The technicians at Marty’s Transmissions have the skills and expertise to strip, rebuild, and repair any drag and circuit racing transmissions.

Highly Advanced Racing Transmissions

The parts of a racing transmission can be quite advanced. Transmission coolers, high-stall torque converters, Kevlar bands, and high-coefficient clutch plates are some of the most common parts that racing transmission repair shops work on. Some of the highly advanced transmissions can have parts that allow the driver to switch between automatic and manual. All of these parts are designed to endure high speed and performance for lengthy periods of time. It’s important that these parts are inspected before every race to ensure they are working properly. Marty’s Transmissions is highly knowledgeable and knows exactly what to look for when servicing racing transmissions. Safety is the number one priority when examining, repairing, or rebuilding a transmission and they won’t hesitate to let you know if there is a problem.

Racing Transmission Repair Shop

Having an experienced and qualified racing transmission repair shop on your team can show results on the track. Often times, racing transmissions require more specialized services than more standard transmissions. Marty’s Transmissions has years of experience in working with racing transmissions and will help make your mark on the racetrack. Customer service and safety are our top priorities. Contact Marty’s Transmissions today to schedule an appointment to have your racing transmission repaired.

Racing Transmission Repair in Portland OR and Gresham OR

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