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High Performance Transmission Repair in Portland OR at Marty's TransmissionsModern high performance vehicles are often equipped with specialized high performance transmissions. These can include; continuously variable systems, automated manuals, or dual-clutch setups. Sometimes, modern high performance vehicles are fitted with traditional transmissions, but this is less likely. High performance vehicles require high performance transmissions because of the consistent performance they deliver. Regular maintenance to your transmission will provide years of high powered performance.

Classic and Custom Cars

Modern vehicles are not the only cars that may require high performance transmissions. Classic and custom cars can require high performance transmissions as well. Our technicians at Marty’s Transmissions are equipped to take care of all cars while keeping in mind the value they have to the customer. Classic and custom car owners often have very specific requests and Marty’s has the skill to handle anything. The technicians at Marty’s Transmissions keep in mind the character of any vehicle they work on and want you to feel good in your car.

Better Performance and More Power

It’s common for sports car owners to want more power and better performance. Replacing certain parts in a transmission can shave time off of acceleration and improve fuel efficiency. It’s vital to discuss performance improvement with experienced professionals. Marty’s Transmissions has years of experience in working with all types of transmissions. They understand the importance of maintaining reliability and durability with any improvements or repairs being made.

Marty’s Transmissions is your High Performance Transmission Shop

When problems occur in a high performance transmission, they can multiply quickly. Marty’s Transmissions is prepared to handle any problems you may be facing with your transmission. Their team knows the ins and outs of transmissions and exactly what to look for when customers describe the problem. If your sports car is not performing up to par or you are noticing something wrong with the transmission, Marty’s is prepared to take care of your needs.

Our shop works on most models of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. We happily offer all of our services at a competitive rate and only provide the best in quality vehicle care and maintenance services. Customer service and safety are our top priorities. Contact Marty’s Transmissions today to schedule an appointment to have your high performance transmission repaired.

High Performance Transmission Repair in Portland OR and Gresham OR

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