Types of Transmissions We Repair


What is a transmission? The transmission is the most powerful component in your vehicle, as it transmits power from the engine to the drive axle, controlling the wheels and drive of your vehicle. Modern commercial trucks, cars, SUVs and pickups can be equipped with several types of transmissions.

As technology advances, and multiple designs become popular, it’s even more crucial to find a transmission repair shop that has experience with a range of styles and transmission systems. Our technicians at Marty’s Transmissions have the knowledge and training necessary to work on all types of transmissions, including specialized racing vehicles and heavy-duty commercial trucks.

Types of Transmissions We Service

Automatic Transmission Repair In Portland OR

Automatic Transmissions

Modern automatic transmissions are designed to provide hundreds of thousands of miles of trouble-free motoring. They are controlled by sophisticated electronic systems. Automatic transmissions have become the standard in vehicles, but each manufacturer uses a different type of automatic transmission.

Manual Transmission repair services in Portland OR

Manual Transmissions

Manual transmissions are an extremely complex mechanical component, and it’s important to find a skilled mechanic.When it comes time to have your manual transmission repaired, or serviced, our experience and diagnostic training makes us the top choice for manual transmission repair in the Portland OR area.

Racing Transmission repair and service in Portland OR

Racing Transmissions

Racing transmissions are built to operate under torturous conditions for hours on end. The experts at Marty’s Transmissions have raced cars themselves, and they can suggest ways to gain better performance by upgrading or adjusting gears.  We’ve been keeping performance cars in Portland OR running right for more than three decades.

High Performance Transmission Service and repair in Portland OR

High Performance Transmissions

Today’s high-performance and computer-controlled vehicles are sometimes equipped with traditional transmissions but are more likely to be fitted with sophisticated transmissions such as continuously variable systems, automated manuals, or dual-clutch setups.  At Marty’s Transmissions, we’ve been keeping high-performance cars running right for years.

Diesel Transmission Service and Repair in Portland OR

Diesel Transmission Repair

Diesel transmissions are often called upon to handle vast amounts of torque, and this can place great stress on their lines, linkages, and internal components. Take care of your diesel, Marty’s Transmissions offers preventative maintenance services, so you can avoid costly transmission repair in the future.

Heavy Duty Transmission Service and repair in Portland OR

Heavy Duty Transmissions

Failure to have enough coolant or lubricant in these types of transmissions can cause the gears to overheat, crack, wear or slip. Because heavy-duty transmissions are fitted for towing vehicles, fifth wheels, and boats, it’s even more important to make sure you have an experienced mechanic who understands the extreme needs of your vehicle. 

All Wheel Drive Transmission service and repair in Portland OR

All Wheel Drive Transmission Repair

Our all-wheel-drive transmission is more complex than average transmissions, and requires a knowledgeable mechanic in order to properly repair it. All-wheel drive vehicles require knowledge of individual manufacturers and types of transmissions. At Marty’s Transmissions, we have years of experience with both automatic and manual transmissions.

Types of Transmissions

Transmissions are a very complex component in your vehicle. Let the professionals at Marty’s Transmissions in Portland Oregon diagnose and repair your vehicle! With our over 45 years of rebuilding experience and diagnostic training, we are your best choice for transmission repair shop. Customer service and attention to detail are our top priorities, and we’ll do everything we can to get your type of transmission up and running again!

Transmission Diagnosis

Marty’s Transmissions will diagnose your vehicle’s problem with our state of the art computer diagnostic system–at no charge!–prior to doing any repairs. We will contact you first, providing you with a detailed valuation and FREE transmission repair estimate for repairing your vehicle. Upon your approval to proceed with the repairs, we will give an estimated completion date and time.

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Repair Experts for All Types of Transmissions

With our over 45 years of experience and diagnostic training, we are your best choice for all transmission types. Customer service and attention to detail are our top priorities.

Contact Marty’s Transmissions for your FREE transmission repair estimate right away before it’s too late. Our technicians recognize the importance of your vehicle’s speedy recovery and work diligently to expedite the repair process. Upon your approval to proceed with the repairs, we will give an estimated completion date and time.

Types of Transmissions in Portland OR and Gresham OR

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