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Up close of driveshaft. Marty's Transmissions provides driveline repair and driveshaft repair services in Portland OR.

Whether you own a car or truck, your vehicle’s driveline plays an important role. It sends power from the transmission to the wheels. Without a functional driveline, your automobile won’t move in reverse or forward.

At Marty’s Transmissions, our specialty is driveline repair and service. Our ASE Certified technicians have the training to diagnose driveline problems. For more than 45 years, we have repaired driveshafts on different vehicle makes and models.

What Are the Signs Your Car Needs a Driveshaft Repair?

A common sign that your car’s driveline needs repair is you notice a vibration underneath your vehicle. Typically, this happens when your driveshaft’s bushings are worn out. Other signs include:

• Clunking noises during acceleration
• Squeaking sounds underneath the vehicle
• Universal joint rotation issues
• Problems turning the steering wheel

If you notice any of these signs, schedule an appointment with our service team as soon as possible. Delaying a driveline repair service could cause more expensive problems in the future.

How Much Does a Driveshaft Repair Cost?

The cost to repair a driveshaft can vary. Factors that affect repair costs include the type of vehicle, cost of the parts, and the extent of damage to the driveshaft.

In these uncertain economic times, we understand that repair costs can be an issue. That’s why we offer a variety of ways for you to pay, including a finance option. Our partnership with One Main Financial makes it easy for you to apply for a loan to fix your vehicle’s driveshaft.

The best way to determine the cost to repair your car is to bring it to our shop. We offer free towing, 24-hour drop off and free estimates. Our goal is to make repairing your automobile as convenient and affordable as possible.

Marty’s Transmission Shop – Your Driveshaft Repair Solution

Is your car or truck experiencing driveline issues? Our certified technicians can help. We perform a variety of services on driveshafts, transmissions, transfer cases, axles, and transfer coolers. Call (503) 331-1852 for immediate assistance.

Marty’s Transmissions is a full-service transmission repair shop located in Portland Oregon. We can handle almost any job. For over 45 years, our master transmission builder has worked on just about every type of transmission here in Oregon. Call us today to schedule your transmission rebuild service, or fill out our request form for a FREE transmission service estimate.

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