Drivetrain Repair


A vehicle’s drivetrain is a series of components that transfers power from its engine to its driving wheels. A drivetrain repair can involve many components within your vehicle, and drivetrain services range from clutch adjustments to major transmission rebuilds. Because a drivetrain repair can involve so many different components, it’s critical to take your car in as soon as possible. If you’re concerned about the power, stability, or performance of your engine, take your vehicle in to Marty’s Transmissions in Portland OR!

Drivetrain Repair and Maintenance

Drivetrain problems can be difficult to diagnose accurately and costly to repair, but they can often be avoided with regular preventative maintenance performed at an experienced and skilled drivetrain shop. The experts at Marty’s Transmissions have been keeping the drivetrains of Portland area residents working right for more than 45 years.

CV Joint repair and replacement services in Portland OR

CV Axle Replacement

If you notice your car vibrating as you accelerate or strange noises when you drive, you might need your CV joint replaced as part of a drivetrain repair. Marty’s Transmissions has expert mechanics who can inspect your CV joints and boots, make any needed CV axle replacement or CV joint replacement necessary, and get you safely back on the road.

Clutch Replacement in Portland OR at Marty's Transmissions

Clutch Replacement

The clutch is what connects your manual transmission to your engine, allowing you to shift gears. It’s a vital part of your drivetrain, and if your clutch makes noise, chatters, slips, feels hard, or the stroke is long, you may need clutch replacement or repair! We are confident that our clutch replacement services are among the top choice in the Portland OR area.

Differential Repair and service in Portland OR

Differential Repair

The differential in your vehicle has very important functions; it acts as the final gear reduction between your transmission and drive wheels, as well as allowing for the difference in speed between your two drive wheels while cornering.  A differential receives a huge amount of power from the transmission, and the differential can grind to a halt, stopping power from going to the wheels.

Drivetrain Repair

Drivetrains are a very complex component in your vehicle. Let the professionals at Marty’s Transmissions in Portland Oregon diagnose and repair your vehicle! With our over 45 years of rebuilding experience and diagnostic training, we are your best choice for drivetrain repair shop. Customer service and attention to detail are our top priorities, and we’ll do everything we can to get your drivetrain system up and running again!

Drivetrain Diagnosis

Marty’s Transmissions will diagnose your vehicle’s problem with our state of the art computer diagnostic system–at no charge!–prior to doing any repairs. We will contact you first, providing you with a detailed valuation and FREE transmission repair estimate for repairing your vehicle. Upon your approval to proceed with the repairs, we will give an estimated completion date and time.

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Drivetrain Repair Specialists

We have the knowledge and training needed to prevent minor axle, CV axle, clutch and differential issues turning into major drivetrain repair jobs. Diagnosing drivetrain problems accurately takes years of experience and training, and problems that seem serious can sometimes be fixed at a low cost. Because we have drivetrain specialists, you will always get the best in service–we’ll diagnose your drivetrain repair right the first time! Our customer’s satisfaction is important at Marty’s Transmissions. If you’re looking for a drivetrain repair shop that you can rely on, call Marty’s Transmissions today for a Free Estimate!

Drivetrain Repair in Portland OR and Gresham OR

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