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Transmission Repair & Service

Everyone tries to avoid taking their vehicle into a transmission shop out of fear of the bill. However, having a local transmission shop regularly service and inspect your transmission may seem like an inconvenient ongoing expense, but it is much less expensive than allowing problems to continue, leading to a complete transmission failure.

Just like replacing your engine oil, you should have your transmission serviced on a regular basis. Most transmission shop services include: changing the transmission fluid, replacing or cleaning the screen or filter, cleaning the pan, and reinstalling the pan with a new gasket. All the old fluid is pumped out and replaced with new transmission fluid. Many times, minor problems can be caught before they become big problems during a service visit. Because Marty’s is a transmission rebuild shop, they can fix any problems they find right on site.

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Import Transmission Repair & Rebuild

If you have an import, it can be difficult to find a transmission repair shop that can do the job. Many transmission repair shops only specialize in the most common types of vehicles. Imports take distinct types of tools and some shops do not carry them. In addition, many transmission repair shops do not have the training needed to service and repair transmissions for imports.

Marty’s Transmissions repair shop has the experience and tools to perform repairs on both domestic and import models. They can repair many different types of import transmissions including all-wheel-drive, automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, and racing transmissions.

Domestic Transmission Repair & Rebuild

Of course, Marty’s Transmissions can perform repairs on almost any type of domestic vehicle, even some types that other shops do not handle. They can repair diesel transmissions, heavy-duty transmissions, high-performance transmissions, and other types of transmissions on domestic vehicles. Having a transmission rebuild shop fix your transmission is the most cost-effective approach, compared to replacing it.

However, if you do not have a transmission rebuild shop that specializes in this type of work, it can end up costing you more in the end, by having it done a second time. Choosing a transmission shop that has the knowledge and experience necessary is the most important first step in assuring that you will be happy with the repair and that your vehicle will last a long time.

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Our professional, ASE Certified Technicians provide transmission repairs, rebuilds, transfer case repair and more. Dedicated to the customer, we always provide FREE transmission inspections with NO obligation and NO disassembly! Our only recommendations are to repair or replace the parts that your car needs, providing you the exact cost of your repair service without any high-pressure sales.

It’s one of many reasons why our customers love to refer us their friends and family!

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Marty’s Transmissions has been building top quality guaranteed transmissions for all applications, with a standard 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on every transmission we rebuild. We look forward to getting your vehicle back on the road quickly and easily!

Finding the Right Transmission Shop for Your Vehicle

When your vehicle breaks, the last thing that you want to hear is that it is your transmission. The transmission is the most important part of the drivetrain and transfers the energy from the engine to the axles. Transmission problems are notoriously expensive. It is always worth your time to check with an experienced transmission shop to see if a transmission repair or rebuild is possible, instead of a complete replacement. Marty’s Transmissions in Portland, Oregon specializes in the repair and rebuild of many different types of transmissions and can often give you lower cost alternatives to replacing your transmission altogether.

Your vehicle will give you several warning signs if you have a bad transmission that is highly recommended to have checked by a local transmission shop. If you notice a puddle of red fluid underneath your vehicle when it has been sitting, then your transmission fluid is leaking, and this can cause the transmission to deteriorate quickly. Other signs may be:

  • whining noises
  • rough shifting
  • delayed shifting
  • gear changes for no apparent reason

If your transmission warning light comes on, it is time to call Marty’s Transmissions immediately to find out the cause.

Call the Experts at Marty’s Transmissions

Regardless of the type of repair or rebuild that you need for your transmission, Marty’s Transmissions has the experience and tools to perform repairs and rebuilds of many different types of transmissions that other shops do not. One thing to look for is to find a transmission shop that will test drive your vehicle to try to replicate the issues that are causing a concern. The specialists at Marty’s Transmissions take the time to listen to you and try to understand exactly what the problem is before giving you an estimate. Their approach to diagnostics is thorough.

Marty’s Transmissions only use OEM parts and offers a warranty with all repairs and rebuilds. Your transmission shop should make service and attention to detail a priority. At Marty’s Transmissions, you will always receive a free estimate and no work will be performed until you approve it. Diagnostics are provided at no cost to you.

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