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Transmission Repair & Service

Everyone tries to avoid taking their vehicle into a transmission shop out of fear of the bill. However, having a local transmission shop regularly service and inspect your transmission may seem like an inconvenient ongoing expense, but it is much less expensive than allowing problems to continue, leading to a complete transmission failure.

Just like replacing your engine oil, you should have your transmission serviced on a regular basis. Most transmission shop services include: changing the transmission fluid, replacing or cleaning the screen or filter, cleaning the pan, and reinstalling the pan with a new gasket. All the old fluid is pumped out and replaced with new transmission fluid. Many times, minor problems can be caught before they become big problems during a service visit. Because Marty’s is a transmission rebuild shop, they can fix any problems they find right on site.

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Types of Transmissions

Transmissions are a very complex component in your vehicle. Let the professionals at Marty’s Transmissions diagnose and repair your vehicle! With our over 45 years of rebuilding and diagnostic training for all types of transmissions, we are your best choice for transmission repair shop. Customer service and attention to detail are our top priorities, and we’ll do everything we can to get your type of transmission up and running again!

Drivetrain Repair

A vehicle’s drivetrain is a series of components that transfers power from its engine to its driving wheels. A drivetrain repair can involve many components within your vehicle, and drivetrain services range from clutch adjustments to major transmission rebuilds. Marty’s Transmissions will diagnose your vehicle’s problem with our state of the art computer diagnostic system–at no charge! We will contact you with a detailed valuation and FREE transmission repair estimate for repairing your vehicle.

We Service All Makes and Models
Import and Domestic

Marty’s Transmissions is a full service transmission rebuild and clutch repair shop in Portland, OR. We are experienced, and offer services for almost all domestic or foreign makes and models, and we only use top quality parts. If you’re not finding the service you need, contact Marty’s Transmissions today!

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The specialists at Marty’s Transmissions take the time to listen to you and try to understand exactly what the problem is before giving you an estimate. Their approach to diagnostics is thorough. With experience and tools to perform repairs and rebuilds of many different types of transmissions, trust in Marty’s Transmissions.

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